How are we different from other providers?

TeamPlayerHR is not like other personnel management software packages, which typically focus on identifying individuals’ behavioural preferences.

TeamPlayerHR quickly assesses how individuals will interact with each other and tells its users whether individuals will work together effectively by assessing their cultural compatibility so they can create high performing teams.

TeamPlayerHR places a unique focus on the selection of individuals who will work effectively alongside one another. The results can be used for maximizing employment, compatibility and productivity and reduce the cost of bad hires.

TeamPlayerHR is not a psychometric test.


What are the benefits?

Questionnaire Results for Selected Benchmark (eg, Team Leader, Supervisor, Manager, CEO, Owner, Any Selected Participant)

Driving high performance and high productivity teams

  • Building Teams - benefits from building more engaged and compatible teams.
    • An increase of up to 20% in employee productivity
    • A decrease of up to 20% of manager time focused on HR issues
  • Augmenting Teams - benefits when recruiting.
    • Up to 30% reduction in the number and cost of bad hires
  • Agile - benefits when operating under an agile model.
    • Savings of up to 20% when better aligned teams are operating on agile initiatives


  • Each questionnaire takes 15 minutes and using Patented Technology changes how Human Capital is selected and managed.
  • Accelerates the team selection process for managers, personnel and new applicants.
  • An intelligent tool which matches managers, personnel and new job seekers - Intrinsic Matrix “IM” identifier profile.
  • The compatibility of the participants can then be rated against either an organisation’s culture as a whole, a sub-team, or specific individuals.
  • Compatibility rating can be used to defend team assignments and recruitment decisions from accusations of discrimination and provides objective evidence in support of selection.

How does it work?

Quick and easy to use, TeamPlayerHR cloud based technology is a valuable asset that you can effortlessly integrate into your current processes, whatever your method of team assignment or new candidate selection.

Our goal is to help you quickly assemble teams for improved productivity and find candidates who will meet your needs and stay with your organisation in the long run.

How can we do this?

Step 1


Invite the relevant individuals and participants to each complete the 15 minute online confidential questionnaire.

Step 2


Managing the process is easy. A nominated administrator can simply login online and track the progress of all participants and compare IM results.

Step 3


Once all the participants have completed their questionnaires, the administrator can retrieve instant reports illustrating the overall degree of compatibility between selected participants.

Interested in finding out more? Why not see it in action...

TeamPlayerHR Value Calculator introduction

Companies suffer a productivity loss of between 20% to 30% due to unhappy and poorly engaged employees and cases where up to 31% of people quit a job within the first six months of employment or fail to last beyond their probationary period.

The value delivered by TeamPlayerHR extends across four main areas:

  • Employee Productivity
  • Team Assignments
  • Management Focus
  • Staff Hiring

To see how TeamPlayerHR could benefit your organisation, please use the Value Calculator.

  • Building Teams - benefits from building more engaged and compatible teams.
  • Augmenting Teams - benefits when recruiting.
  • Agile - benefits when operating under an agile model.


10 1000


0 100


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With TeamPlayerHR

Without TeamPlayerHR

Projected HR Cost



Projected TeamPlayerHR Cost per year


Projected annual savings from TPHR



Projected HR costs

2996K 3996K


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Our vision

We want to make people happy. They spend most of their waking hours in their place of work; those should be good hours. Compatibility among teams produces happier workers, higher productivity, and a stronger bottom line for employers. The real bottom line is that everyone wins with TeamPlayerHR.

Our technology

Scientifically developed, consistent results designed by behavioural psychologists, the TeamPlayerHR solution statistically records how each participant perceives, interprets and approaches common workplace situations. TeamPlayerHR adds scientific objectivity to the team assignment and selection process because all participants are rated and compared by the same standardised measurements.

This means you can be sure your chosen team members and new participants really are “Best Fit.” The solution technology can compare individuals to individuals for more intimate compatibility providing the information necessary for a truly objective informed decision.


Don’t just take our word for it. Our happy customers also say good things about TeamPlayerHR

The ability to compare TeamPlayerHR IMs for different team makeups allowed us to make alignment charts to be made for different teams. This had two benefits; 1) to create teams that would better work together and 2) to look at the alignment of possible new leaders with the existing team. We also saw that the solution worked well with team members from different countries and native languages. For a solution that requires each participant to allocate as little as 20 minutes of their time to complete the questionnaire, the results were excellent. We will certainly look to promote the use of TeamPlayerHR to future clients.
Wolfgang Röcher
Wolfgang Röcher
Managing Director, BSO Performance GmbH
TeamPlayerHR isn’t just another solution - it is clearly different and enhances retention, team fit and is more accurate than gut feel and psychometrics.
Graeme Read
Graeme Read
Head of New Enterprise Members & International Markets, APSCo
We have been using TeamPlayerHR for several months now, and have found it invaluable as part of our senior level recruitment process and in putting together the right teams for our business. People who are compatible are likely to be more productive, more efficient and generally happier resulting in increased morale. This should lead to improved performance at all levels of our business.
Simon Harris
Simon Harris
Principal and Owner, Resolve

About us

TeamPlayerHR was the brainchild of James ‘Jim’ Lanas, a management and recruiting professional who saw first-hand the challenges of building, deploying and retaining a skilled workforce in the medical arena.

He recognized that there was a huge disconnect in the workplace between “paper” credentials – the expertise, experience, and skillset that appear on a resume – and “intrinsic” credentials – the way employees react, respond, and appear in real-time in the work environment. He commissioned a U.K. Cambridge-educated behavioural psychologist to devise a questionnaire that would help identify this intrinsic matrix, or “IM,” in each person.

TeamPlayerHR, the solution that he created, is so revolutionary that it has been awarded patents. Top HR, personnel development and recruiting professionals in the UK and the United States are now part of the team.


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